Hot tunes for cold running

Ok winter is here in Austria. Finally. Snow. Sun. -5 degrees C. Lovely! Many people refuse to go running under these conditions. But I simply love to feel the cold snow under my feet, see the sparkling white landscape and breath the fresh air after weeks of misty grey fog. It might be cold but with the right clothes (and yes, I absolutely love my gore tex trail running shoes I bought for Sri Lanka) it’s ok, you will get warm anyways. And hey – and a hot shower after the run is amazing!

Of course, when it is really cold, I don’t do high intensity runs (actually I don’t do them at all right at the moment haha). I try to run on a speed level that keeps me warm and is compatible to the slippery ground. So the music shouldn’t be as pushy as I need it on the treadmill or when I fight through intervals. But still, it shouldn’t be as calm as the musik I listen to when I go running on a summer morning. You wanna know what my current faves are? Well here you have it – my current ultimate winter wonderland playlist (some of the songs might sound familiar from my skydiving vids ^^)

  1. Faded // Alan Walker  
  2. Light It Up feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG – Remix // Major Lazer 

  3. Sometimes // Alle Farben ft. Graham Candy
  4. Adventure of a lifetime / Coldplay
  5. On the menu // Jakub Ondra (Flic Flac remix)
  6. Rythm Inside // Loic Nottet
  7. Sunday // Max Manie (Klangtherapeuten Remix)
  8. Sunny day // Stereo MCs 
  9. Daybreak // Overwerk (GoPro Edit)
  10. Burn // Ellie Goulding
  11. Atomic // Ivy Quainoo
  12. Supergirl // Anna Naklab ft. Alle Farben & Younutos
  13. Back Home // Fritz Kalkbrenner 
  14. Sun // Iro
  15. Don’t look down // Martin Garrix ft. Usher
  16. Coming home // Sigma & Rita Ora
  17. Too original // Major Lazer feat. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell
  18. Changing // Sigma feat. Paloma Faith

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