Fave: Verveine peeling salt by L’Occitane

Sometimes even I am a girl. And yes, I am definitely a little princess, when it’s about lovely body care. I am really picky in how they smell (especially with face products) and always have a variety of high quality shower gels, peelings and body lotions / butters in my closet, to have something matching to each emotional state I’m in ;-)

One of my real favourites is the verveine peeling salt by L’Occitane. I confess, I always have been too greedy to buy it, but my brother gave it to me as a birthday present. You use it under the shower. The smell of verveine is generally one of my favourites, it is a light and soft citrus smell. You have to mix the oils and the salt when you open the can, and I simply take a bit into my hand and rub my body with it. The salt is rocky and rough, so it will remove all the dead skin from your body, while the oils make it smooth and soft. You don’t even ned body lotion afterwards, which is rather unusual for a rough peeling like this.

The only thing you shouldn’t do before is any shaving action – the rocky salt will…. ahm… burn….. a little in certain areas ;-)

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