First painfree skiing after Morton’s Neuroma

Sometimes a little cut makes your life so much better.

Yesterday was my first pain free skiing day for years. I went with Michl, a friend of mine, to the skiing area Flachau-Wagrain, which is two hours away from Linz, to enjoy a sunny day in the snow (finally there is snow in Austria!). It was great fun to race down the mountains, have great talks and enjoy totally unhealthy food with great company.

First pain free day? Yes. I already mentioned sometimes that I had to undergo a little foot surgery last February. The reason was a nerve damage in my foot called Morton’s Neuroma. For years and years I suffered from pain in my left foot sole as soon as I had any physical pressure on it. It started with a little pain after skiing or inline skating, just like when you tie your shoe too firmly. It got worse and worse, I had it after and during running, which really made me sick. I went to one orthopedist, he didn’t take me really serious and who gave me special inlays for my shoes. They didn’t help a bit. Actually the only result was that the rest of my foot also started hurting.

I went on like this during the summer of 2013, but I couldn’t do any sports without except cycling and even then it hurt sometimes. It even got worse, in the end I couldn’t walk around in sneakers or running shoes for half a day. It was terrible. It felt like if someone stuck a hot nail in my footsole and the pain vanished as soon as I put off my shoe. I was really desperate after some time and didn’t know what to do.

I started a little google research and also a skydiving colleague who is orthopedist told me it could be a Morton’s Neuroma. What is this? We all have thin nerval ends in our forefoot, just between the bones. They end pretty much between the toes. However it might happen, but when there is pressure exerted on the foot (wrong shoes, little bone problems in the foot…), the nerves get irritated. And if this happens too often (like with people that do a lot of sports), then there might grow a little ulcer. And this hurts. The easiest way to get rid of the pain is to take a little cut on the upper side of the foot, remove the ulcer and cut the nerve that causes the whole struggle. A surgery of 20 mins.

After a visit to a second orthopdedist who confirmed my theory I spent three cosy days in hospital and had it removed. It took me two weeks until I could start walking normally again and after a month I enjoyed my first, cautious run without pain. It was a blast. In the following months I went hiking, running, cycling, but the very best thing was a very simple one: I could walk around a whole day and my feet just hurt as normal feet hurt after a long day.

When I think back, I almost can’t believe that I waited for so long. I also almost can’t imagine the feeling of this specific pain anymore. My life quality is so much higher now and I yesterday it was like the final chapter of a looooong terrible story, that has come to a good end. It definitely was worth the surgery and the few difficult weeks afterwards. I don’t have any problems anymore and now, after a while, my two dumb toes also get better. And there’s only a little scar that reminds me that sometimes a little cut is necessary and the best decision.

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  1. I had surgery several years ago and quit running because of it. I still get a burning sensation occasionally. I have just started running again and the burning is more frequent. Am wondering if I should forget running and do something else.

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