Sports motivation?

A lot of people have always the same resolution at the beginning of a year: more sports. And then they fail because they simply can’t motivate themselves.

What is my motivation? Initially, I just wanted to get back in shape after quitting ballroom dancing. I started working at a fitness club and Nike and so it was easy for me to get a routine and start having fun with sports, even though for example I hated running before.

When I was working with my coach this autumn and when we worked on my problem that I often have the feeling that I am not enough just as I am, I started thinking about my motivation for sports too. And found out that I did a lot of things just too prove some people that I could do it. My boyfriend at that time that I could run a half marathon despite my “fat short legs”, I ran because I knew my father would find it out, I tried to lift more each workout because of my crazy boyfriend I had later, there was always someone I tried to impress. But the problem was – it never got recognized. After my first half marathon I went home alone, because he didn’t even wait for me after the finish line. And he didn’t say well done at least once.

The other reason why I sometimes ran so many extra miles was because of my inner demons. Whenever I was sad or desperate, sports seemed and still seem to be the solution. Ok, still better than drinking, but it never solves the problem. In the best case you get tired and can sleep when your nightmares try to keep you awake.

I thought about goals. Sure, they are important. But my inner motivation to achieve them was wrong. In too many cases, it wasn’t really what I wanted, but more the fact that I wanted to be accepted. The more I was disappointed when I didn’t achieve them in the way I wanted or I had to give up. So I was unhappy and not satisfied most of the time. The best time so far concerning my body feeling was last summer. Why? Because I simply had time to do all the stuff I wanted without having the feeling that I have to or of regret when I didn’t do anything. Uhm. New aspect, right?

So I decided to change it. I will never run a half marathon again, unless I and only I like to run it. I will never ever again try to follow rules of others or the community. I will just do what I want, what is fun for me and what my personal goals will require.

The most important step so far was trading my normal sports program consisting of boring weight lifting and cardio like running and cycling for the Runtastic Results workout program. Which means stuff everyone around me does for something only I did. Besides the fact that it was the only chance to squeeze some kind of workout into my Vienna-Linz-schedule I wanted to try a new concept. And tadaaaa…. suddenly I was more satisfied than ever. After a while my body showed first results too. I could combine effective bodyweight workout and my beloved cardio without the decision either… or. And whatever my goals for this year will be – I know that I will definitely take only those, that will make me happy, because the feeling is just too good to loose it. It is a long way until I will be completely satisfied and happy with my sports results, but at least the process is fun again.

So whatever your motivation is… Think carefully! Is it really you that chose the goal? Is it because you want to do it or is it because it is expected by some people or the society? Do you want to belong to a certain community? Maybe you have your very own reason to do some of the things you do. Don’t justify yourself. Don’t explain too much. Just enjoy. If you want to wear baggy sweat pants – do it. If you want to buy funky colorful workout clothes everyone will stare at – who cares! Life’s too short!

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