Complicated questions – simple answers

Life can be complicated, we all know. But sometimes, the answers are so simple.

After getting a very good offer from one company while being fully on duty in Vienna and knowing that they would also want me as marketing manager, it was time to take a decision. My brain said no to Vienna. And even though my stomach said more or less the same, of course I started thinking if it was a big chance I could handle. Because I loved being there. I loved the people. I started to feel at home in Vienna more than ever before. Thought Lisal.

But after the last week and all the emotional kindergarten that happened there and when I realized how unhappy I felt because of it, and also because of the fact that I realized that that job would be a size too big for me, I decided finally (and during a long run through the nightly snow of Linz) to take the job in Upper Austria. It offers me a stable, professional environment and also possibilities to develop, with good money and no need to relocate. Suddenly everything seemed clear and obvious. It felt good.

Yesterday I had a talk with the management where I told them my decision. It was rather hard for me but on the other hand I felt relieved. I should be happy now. Looking forward to my new challenges. Still… Somehow it won’t work. Not yet. Too much weirdness around. Too many thoughts inside. Three more weeks. Only three more weeks of going to Vienna where I feel absolutely unwanted and wrong and I hope my life will be more stable and structured again. No more rollercoasters. Oh yeah.

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