Nomnom Linz

Linz as a destination for food and drink lovers always has been a little underestimated. Since I can remember (and my parents loved food as I did) we always have had those special addresses, where you could get amazing stuff. But it is wonderful to see, that for a few years now in particular young and creative minds try something new.

I personally love cafés. Not necessarily the huge old traditional  Austrian ones with grumpy waiters and loud wooden floors. I love the special small ones, with creative concepts, high quality products and nice designs. A range of new coffee shops has opened in Linz during the last two years, every one with it’s very special idea and therefore raison d’etre. Everywhere else there are masses of them, but here in Linz, we love our “exotic” and innovative few hot spots.

One of these places is the new Nomnom in the Herrenstraße. Located next to my hair cutter (which is a great coincidence), it offers bowls, smoothies, cakes and wonderful coffee – served in a cosy old store with interior design which shows that the owner team loves details. If you wish, you can choose from a small, but excellent breakfast menue too. It opened at the beginning of december and they told me they where overwhelmed by the interest of the crowd. A few days ago I needed some refuelling after a more or less extensive christmas party and decided to stop by for a bowl and a cup of creamy cappuccino. Of course I also was curious because many people talked about it and I wasn’t disappointed, since not only the interior was lovely but also the present people where of the kind I want to sit down and have a chat with. The bowl tasted lovely and offered some eye candy. The coffee was just perfect and within the hectic christmas shopping mood I could get back on track even though my head was tired and hurting.

So whenever you are in Linz, a visit of the Herrenstraße and its shops is definitely worth it. And when your feet are tired and you want to relax, Nomnom surely has the cure for you.

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