Very berry smoothie bowl

During christmas, we all eat too much. Especially of the wrong things we always try to avoid. But hey – it’s the holiday season and at some point we all should relax and enjoy.

I try to keep my breakfasts healthy when I know that it’s going to be a day where my lovely family wants to feed me (you got so thin, you should take another piece of duck!). Smoothie bowls are a lovely way to get a real breakfast that is not too heavy, but fruity and gives you all you need. I must admit, I was a bit lazy during the last months and didn’t use my blender too often, but last week, when I stopped by at the lovely new NomNom after our “exhausting” skydiver’s christmas party for some vitamins refuel, I decided to smoothie operate more often ;)

Basically you can use all kinds of fruits you like and combine them as you wish. Since during wintertime we don’t have many smoothie suiting fruits in Austria, I love to use frozen berries. I add a bit of fat free yogurt and hemp protein to fill me a bit longer and also some acai powder (and yes I love the color!) – I bought the one from Green Panda, because they offer small boxes that won’t get too old in my closet.

So the ingredients for my 24th of december smoothie bowl have been (and yes on the not so lovely picture one of the bananas drowned ;-) :

  • two hands of berries
  • half a smaller banana in the smoothie, half of it as topping
  • a bit of fat free yogurt
  • a bit of orange juice
  • a teaspoon of acai powder
  • two teaspoons of hemp protein
  • topping: the rest of the banana, cashew nuts, dried berries, a grain mix and some drops of honey

Just blend all the ingredients for the smoothie, put it into a flat bowl and finish it with the topping. The funny thing is, if I eat it like that, it makes me feel like a real meal and not like a drink like a smoothie or shake (even if there were the same ingredients). You enjoy it slower and it is lovely for the eye. Try it and be creative. Share it. Love it :-)

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