Busy tunnel days

Been quiet here right? Well last week I couldn’t even find one minute to post something due to busy tunnel days.

If somebody told me last year that I would be in two different tunnels 6 days out of 7, flying and working, I would have thought he is crazy. But that was exactly what has happened last week. And if I just said yes, this would be my life for the next years. But more on this special fact later…

Last week I worked in Vienna Monday til Wednesday and also used the chance to squeeze in some awesome flying, for example 20 mins with the great Fabian Raidel. It felt so good to finally fly again with the coach I started tunnel flying. He still is one of the great ones and I recognized the progress I made during the last weeks. On Wednesday we had some girl fun too as we shared some staff time.

I went home Wednesday night, my head full of thoughts and completely exhausted. The work load was big, the days were long and chaotic and sitting in an almost empty train didn’t help much to make me feel better. I tried to sleep but there was so much going on in my mind, that I simply couldn’t.

Thursday was time for an appointment at the work agency (which actually was completely useless but heyyy…. what could I do?) and some workout and cleaning of the flat. Then I packed again, ready to leave for Prague and the Mox tunnel camp on Friday morning.

Flying with Mox is always awesome. Exhausting, sometimes scary, but pushing limits is a good thing. I booked 1,5hs and enjoyed every minute of it. He also was surprised of my better skills and finally I managed to fly HU-HD transitions completely on my own. That is a huge step for me, when I think that I flew only twice or three times a year usually.

We also had Chrisi’s birthday dinner at SaSaZu (maybe I should write a post about our favorite expensive food experience here one day ;-)) and I spoiled myself with my favourite Sephora products.

While I am waiting for my last flying session, I am looking already for a room to sleep in Vienna because tomorrow morning the whole game starts again… I hope that this week isn’t as busy and I will have the time to think about some serious questions…. On and on it goes!

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