Soulfood: spicy chicken-pumpkin-curry

When it’s getting colder and colder outside (finally, it’s wintertime!), I love eating spicy and hearty stuff. And since I stumbled over some Sri Lanka pictures and found a piece of pumpkin in my favourite store (and since it will be one of the last times I’ll find pumpkin too), I made an indian-style pumpkin curry with chicken and potatoes. Only for me – but you can enlarge the ingredients as you wish.

I took a small onion, a middle-sized piece of pumpkin (don’t use hokkaido, it gets too soft), some snow peas and a little piece of organic chicken breast. And this time I added two small baby potatoes (I didn’t peel it, they were also organic) and cashew nuts.

Let it all roast a bit to get some taste in sesame oil. Be careful, you won’t need much of it. I stirred everything with a good amount of spicy curry powder and salt, before I put a small can of coconut milk on it. Then I reduced heat and let it boil a little while. If it gets too sticky, you can easily add some water. After 10 min it was ready to eat (take special care of the meat and potatoes). And soooo delicous!

You can add or take away the ingredients as you wish. But I personally like this combination a lot. It reminds me of my beautiful holidays and with pumpkin, I like indian curry more than thai. What’s your favourite curry version?

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