Find the good in every day

Before this year is coming to an end (and I am not really sure if I have enough time to post before NYE) I want to present you something that has brought a lot of positive influence into my daily life. Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate... Continue Reading →

Nomnom Linz

Linz as a destination for food and drink lovers always has been a little underestimated. Since I can remember (and my parents loved food as I did) we always have had those special addresses, where you could get amazing stuff. But it is wonderful to see, that for a few years now in particular young... Continue Reading →

Very berry smoothie bowl

During christmas, we all eat too much. Especially of the wrong things we always try to avoid. But hey - it's the holiday season and at some point we all should relax and enjoy. I try to keep my breakfasts healthy when I know that it's going to be a day where my lovely family... Continue Reading →

It’s all about christmas

But what is christmas all about? For me this year christmas is kinda very special. I already wrote about what I try to avoid, what my plans for the holidays are and how I spend the days. I did all these things and still this year was different. Not only how I personally reacted to... Continue Reading →

Season 2015 video

Yesterday was my skydiving club's xmas party and as usual someone had to do a video about our season. And yes, again, this was me. I must confess I didn't have as much time as the last years since I was always running between Linz, Vienna, Prague and so I started let's say just in... Continue Reading →

Busy tunnel days

Been quiet here right? Well last week I couldn't even find one minute to post something due to busy tunnel days. If somebody told me last year that I would be in two different tunnels 6 days out of 7, flying and working, I would have thought he is crazy. But that was exactly what... Continue Reading →

The art of giving

It's only a little bit more than two weeks until christmas. Yesterday I was downtown looking for some stuff and recognized one thing: people actually seem to hate christmas. They look grumpy, they shout around and compensate all of this with too much punch. They are stressed by the fact that they have to find... Continue Reading →

Soulfood: spicy chicken-pumpkin-curry

When it's getting colder and colder outside (finally, it's wintertime!), I love eating spicy and hearty stuff. And since I stumbled over some Sri Lanka pictures and found a piece of pumpkin in my favourite store (and since it will be one of the last times I'll find pumpkin too), I made an indian-style pumpkin... Continue Reading →

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