First time Airbnb

Since I spend many nights in Vienna at the moment, I am really sick of hotels and hostels. Having a flat to come home in the evening with a little kitchen, bathroom and so on is a lot nicer. Especially when it is close to the place you work.

After having the flat of friends two weeks ago, I tried Airbnb last week. I found a cosy little flat actually some meters away from my friend’s place (and therefore also very close to the wind tunnel) for 35 € per night and so I decided to give it a try.

The host Maria was very nice and welcoming. After writing some messages before (she always answered friendly and very fast) we met in the morning to exchange the keys. She showed me everything in the clean and really cosy apartment. The neighbourhood was quiet and the house too, so I really felt comfortable there. It is a lot nicer to have a kitchen where you can prepare at least some breakfast, believe me! And somehow I also feel more at home when I have an own little place to return in the evening.

It is somehow weird to stay at a stranger’s place, where of course there is a lot of personal stuff too. If feels a bit like intruding the private zone of someone you don’t know. But on the other hand it is a win win situation for both sides and after a short time, I got used to it.

I think I will stick to renting places like this while I am in Vienna. It is cheaper than a hotel and also more personal. I also prefer not to be “controlled” by some guys at a reception like it is in a hotel. And compared to being in a 6 pers dorm in a hostel – well everything is better than that ;-)

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