Week 1 of Runtastic Results

I already wrote a post about the new Runtastic app and that I am currently trying it out. Well, week 1 is over and let’s see how it works.

I started a little small with 3 workouts. I knew that the week would be busy and my cold was still killing me, so I thought that this would be feasible. I also realized that the only time I could do it would be in the morning – not very pleasant in wintertime.

Two of the three workouts started in my friends flat, in their kitchen to be precise, because the old wooden floors would wake up all the neighbours if I jumped around :-) I have to be honest: the workouts were ok, ok I started to sweat, but nothing that was impossible. But that early in the morning, right after getting up after getting too little sleep anyways, they brought me to some swearwords. The 30 min morning run I always combined with it was rather relaxing then…

Sure, after one week, you won’t see results. But I feel a lot better, because I have the feeling that I am constantly doing something good to my body. It is a completely new concept for me, since I usually separated weight lifting from cardio-which was time consuming and in times like now definitely not the best way to do it. And I can workout where ever I am – so no excuses. Also, the fact that it is really quick makes me happy – I hate it, when I have little time and need an hour for my workout.

When it comes to nutrition, I have to admit that my days in Vienna are hard. I try to keep it healthy, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. No kitchen to cook, no time to really go shopping, not really being at home for preparing food. But very often someone offering chocolate, ordering pizza and taking away from somewhere. That’s hard!

So as often as possible I improvise good food and besides this, I try to reduce salt and processed meals. And I refuse as many beer invitations as possible, which is also difficult, since there would be someone drinking with you every single day. And at home in Linz, I start cooking like crazy ;-)

Now week 2 has started, with a nice workout yesterday and again a combination with running. I am still motivated and ready to go. Let’s rock it!

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