High level Viennese Food – Plachutta

I spent almost the entire last week in Vienna because there was a lot to do at the wind tunnel (also on the weekend) – and I was lucky that I had the flat of friends, who were away for that time.

My brother decided to give a little birthday dinner, because his other half would be at home for thanksgiving on the real date. He invited us to Plachutta, world famous for his typical Viennese food. He chose the restaurant at Wollzeile 1, in the middle of the city. After a busy day and a little stress getting ready, I was really looking forward to it, because I’ve never been there before.

The restaurant itself was massively crowded, hell I was surprised. It was loud, hot and busy. Not the kind of atmosphere I personally enjoy for a higher priced dinner, but in Vienna, you have this very often, especially in well known places many tourists like to visit.

We had a table in the winter garden, which was better than the main rooms, because it was brighter and a little bit more spacious. The waiters are quick and run around like well dressed Speed Gonzales and so we got the food rather fast. Also the chef was present, even though I recognized this later after he was around.

We chose the famous Tafelspitz with a Fleischstrudelsuppe as starter and some of the classic side dishes like Semmelkren. You get it in the pot and the waiters assist you in putting it on the plates. The food was great. Classic, Austrian, fresh. You even get the Markknochen – the bones of the beef and you eat the inside of it on a piece of bread. I tried it, since the two doctors convinced me that because I eat liver from time to time, this wouldn’t be more disgusting. Ahm yes. Been there, done that. It was just fat and slimy paste. But, you never know, it could have been awesome too, right?

I was completely full and didn’t want to have dessert, but Greg chose the espresso with “a bit” of mousse au chocolat and so I couldn’t resist too. Well, actually the portion was almost as big as the real mousse portion my brother had. But yeah, it was worth it. Not too sweet, not to bitter. Not really Austrian, but hey, who cares when it comes to chocolate?

After the food, three glasses of wine and one prosecco I was just happy to fall into my bed afterwards. The nights in general were rather short and when you had approximately 5000 calories in three hours, it’s better to reduce moving to a minimum ;-)

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