Runtastic Result

The last busy week (being in Vienna from Monday til Wednesday night and then in Germany from Friday until today) made me think about my sports program. I recognized that after the very active summer where I had absolutely no stress with getting enough movement and the right food, I am facing the problem at the moment, that I started sitting in an office again and due to the changing places every week, it won’t be easy to visit my fitness club on a regular basis. In general I feel fit, but as usual there is always room for improvement and I could feel a little better. Maybe I could also loose some weight or define my body a little bit more.

So last week, when I attended the Runtastic live workout party in a shopping mall and when they presented their new app Result, the idea came to my mind, that I could try this as an alternative. You will get a personalized workout plan and can workout everywhere just with your body weight and as long as you stick to the plan, you will see results and a body transformation within 12 weeks. That sounds good, Lisal thought, also because of christmas. Still a bit sceptic, since I already tried some of these programs and always gave up after a short time, because it was too boring and strict.

I downloaded the app and decided to give the one month subscription for 9,99 Euro a try, because then I can cancel it easily whenever I recognize that it’s not what I want.

The first thing you have to do is a little 15 min sports test with some questions and 4 exercises. Of course the test can’t recognize facts like your body fat or muscle percentage, but at least it shows you the main three body parts with your weaknesses and strengths. It also shows you how far you can develop.

The next step is to tell the app how many workouts you want to finish per week. You can change this from week to week and you can also adapt the exercises. This is something I really like, because I have the feeling that I can decide flexibly and also take all meetings, travels etc. into consideration. And you can add some of the workouts that are generally included in the app. Additionally you get some tips concerning food and nutrition. And for every exercise there is an explaining video, that shows how to perform the exercise and what to take special care of.

Right now I am fully motivated for the next weeks. I think I could really do it because I can mix my beloved running and spinning units with the intense workouts. And the workouts are quick, something I really enjoy because this personally motivates me even more to add some extra exercises. I know Lunden’s workouts from the training parties and I just love how my body feels afterwards. So hey – let’s rock this :)

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