WIND-O-BONA wind tunnel in Vienna

Now I’ve been talking about my work place so often, maybe it’s time to tell you a little bit more about it.

The current boom of wind tunnels all over Europe of course didn’t stop from Austria. Usually we had to travel some hours to the next tunnels, our most visited one was Prague about 3,5 h from Linz. Now we have one in Vienna, in the middle of the world famous Prater and it’s one of the most modern ones. It officially opened in September this year and offers up to 280 km/h speed. Indoor skydiving or bodyflying is a sport where you are able to fly in a wind stream only with your body while you perform all the crazy moves alone or in groups that you can perform in freefall.

It’s 17m high, 4.5 m in diameter and the type with corners which makes flying in it more comfortable. Also the noise and vibrations are very low. If it runs on high speed, it is as loud standing next to the glass as it is for example in Prague outside the building. I must admit, for me and my flying level it is not that important which type it is, but I understand coaches who say that working in it is more comfortable, when there are less vibrations and the air stream is better.

The whole building is very bright and flooded with light, thx to a massive glass fassade that gives Prater visitors the chance to look into the tunnel. There is no bar or restaurant, but you won’t need that anyways since there are lots of them in the area around. There are various offers for first timers as well as for companies or groups and sport flyers. Especially the frequent flyer evenings where everyone who is able to fly on his or her own can fly with others in groups and with an instructor are great fun. The limited slots are always fully booked.

The tunnel is easy to reach by metro (Praterstern or Messe Prater), but you can also park your car in a nearby garage. You can book your time directly via the homepage or call them. The crew starts organizing camps for sports flyers now, so there will be a lot of events going on with for example Fabian Raidel. But whether you are a beginner or a pro, if you are in Vienna, it is definitely a place you should visit. The winter is coming and hey, some indoor adrenaline action before getting mulled wine on the christmas market is just perfect, right?

For bookings and information just take a look on

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