Busy but healthy?

All of us are busy during the weeks, some of us also on a weekend. But we all are hungry and there is the problem: you come home late in the evening or on Sunday night and aaahm… Where do we get food from? Order it? Frozen pizza? There are other and way more healthy ways of getting through. Here are my favorite hacks for healthy, partly warm food, that offer us a meal quickly and without big effort.

Couscous without cooking
Couscous is fabulous food you don’t need to really cook, but get a full saturating meal. Simply take instant or pre-cooked couscous and cover it with cooking water from a water cooker. While it rests, you can cut various veggies and mix it then with the warm couscous. Add feta or tuna. And tadaaa, a nice meal. Works in every company tea kitchen too ;-)

Use your oven!
I love oven baked stuff. First of all, you only need a knife and cutting board as well as a bowl for preparation. If you use baking paper for the plate, it is really little dishes you have to wash afterwards. Second, it’s a great way of saving time. I usually switch on the oven when I start cutting (on a very hot temperature), cut everything (the harder stuff in small pieces, the softer in bigger), mix it in the bowl with herbs and spices, salt and a tiny bit of olive oil and put it in afterwards, you don’t even have to wait until the oven is completely heated up. While I go for my evening-shower, it bakes and after about 20 min my meal is ready. Feel free to mix vegetables with meat, tofu, fish or whatever you want. It’s so easy! If you prepare more, you can heat it up on the next day and eat twice.

Old, but good. Take an hour on the weekend and prepare some stuff for worse days. All kinds of sauces, soups, gratins, stews, chilis, curries and so on work perfectly. If you want to keep it longer, freeze it. Some of the food even tastes better after one or two days, right? My advice is: cook something you can put into plastic boxes and prepare portions, otherwise you will always stop by at the fridge and nibble from your awesome lasagna.

Frozen veggies and herbs
The make good partners for all kinds of convenience products. Most fridges have at least a small freezer, so you can store some additional veggies (also at your workplace). Some of them make great salads and you can add them to soups made from powder. Today, a lot of gas stations offer frozen vegetables, so it is a possibility to get green stuff even on a weekend.

Store it baby
Always have some canned food at home. I usually keep tomatoes, chickpeas, plain beans, different fish cans and coconut milk at home. Additionally, there are pretty good falafel mixes from the organic grocery and also soy granules and dried mushrooms. Noodles, rice, couscous and quinoa are ready as well. With a little imagination, you can invent nice meals out of this. Ah and btw, eggs can be stored surprisingly long in the fridge. There are also vegetables like carrots that can be stored in the fridge (if you put it in the right place) for quite a while. Find out what of your favorite food can be stored longer and think of it while shopping. For me this is is tofu, feta, eggs, hummus, mozzarella, yoghurt, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, avocados, mangos, nuts, muesli, grains and apples. These last long enough to be on a business trip for some days and have something to eat when coming home. I found out that toast or other packed bread usually starts to mold pretty soon. So if you really want to have bread, maybe it’s a better idea to stick to crispbread.

Might sound boring, but hey. Just grab some salad mixes on your way home and add eggs, cheese, canned fish, chickpeas etc.. And don’t forget, you don’t need lettuce for a salad, there are many other combinations that make good salads.

So these are the tips that work for me personally. I just want to avoid eating processed food and use take aways too often. If you have any other ideas, just let me know :-)

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