First time Airbnb

Since I spend many nights in Vienna at the moment, I am really sick of hotels and hostels. Having a flat to come home in the evening with a little kitchen, bathroom and so on is a lot nicer. Especially when it is close to the place you work. After having the flat of friends... Continue Reading →

Week 1 of Runtastic Results

I already wrote a post about the new Runtastic app and that I am currently trying it out. Well, week 1 is over and let's see how it works. I started a little small with 3 workouts. I knew that the week would be busy and my cold was still killing me, so I thought... Continue Reading →

Runtastic Result

The last busy week (being in Vienna from Monday til Wednesday night and then in Germany from Friday until today) made me think about my sports program. I recognized that after the very active summer where I had absolutely no stress with getting enough movement and the right food, I am facing the problem at... Continue Reading →

Rollercoaster days

It might sound ironical that I am talking about rollercoaster feelings and started working in the middle of an amusement park. But it describes my last week and all that happened precisely. It started on Monday, where I went for a nice sunny autumn run and stumbled over a stone. I fell down, hit the... Continue Reading →

Busy but healthy?

All of us are busy during the weeks, some of us also on a weekend. But we all are hungry and there is the problem: you come home late in the evening or on Sunday night and aaahm... Where do we get food from? Order it? Frozen pizza? There are other and way more healthy... Continue Reading →

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