Slowly getting back on track

I hate doing nothing. And especially in difficult times like these, it’s hard to not think about the stuff over and over again, just to conclude that you can’t change it anyways.

Since I am still looking for a job (even though I have several more or less promising interviews right now), I have nothing to do. I could stay in bed all day long and nobody would care. This makes me sick. Ok, I force myself to do sports, but I just can’t do all the stuff I did in summer, because of the autumn weather conditions.

So it was no wonder that I got excited when the managing director of the Wind-o-bona tunnel in Vienna called me to ask me if I could help them in some marketing issues. They had changed their marketing person, but the new one can’t start immediately and so she thought of me (I also had applied for the job a year ago). She knows that I am on job search and so she figured out a plan where both sides win. So I will help them for some hours per week, because I am allowed to do so while I get money from the state. It gives me the chance to start working again and especially at a place I really like. And since she knows that I want to work in Linz, she has no problem with me going on interviews and she’s aware that I could be gone from one day to another. All I need now is a place to sleep now in Vienna – otherwise I’d have to commute for every office day..

So far for the good news. No off to another interview… The one yesterday was rather weird and I don’t think that I will be invited again. Let’s see what this one will bring.

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