Jumping out of a perfectly working skyvan in Radfeld

I already told you that I will be off for some days. I was in Tyrol, to be exact in Radfeld. This town is about 40 minutes away from Innsbruck and once upon a time there was a dropzone. The skydiving club from there decided three years ago to invite the Pink Skyvan to their place for three weekends, in order to have at least three nice jumping weekends there. It’s a long and rocky road to get the allowance every year, but it’s totally worth it. The view over the alps is stunning, and it is not an airport with a lot of concrete, but simply a meadow, where cows are held until the day before. There is only a small hat with snacks and portable toilets, everything very cosy and improvised. This year they had a little bad luck with the weather, but finally, on the last weekend, we had sunny and very warm weather. Which was a bit of a surprise on Friday, because until about 20 min before Radfeld it was raining cats and dogs and it cleared up completely. On Saturday night there was a barbecue and they heated up the hangar to make it more cozy – what a nice idea.

The boogie took place from Friday until Monday, since Monday was our national holiday. I went home on Sunday, because I wanted to avoid the traffic masses after the long weekend and due to the border controls in Germany. And I felt that I needed a calm day, especially because there were some people I didn’t need too close to me, if you know what I mean. And – since no one of the Germans had time today, it probably was pretty lazy today.

I did 18 awesome jumps. And by awesome I mean freaking awesome. I was jumping with very good people and I was completely surprised how well it worked. Especially because I usually really fuck it up when my mind is somewhere else and my head is full. And hell, sometimes, the worst day was Saturday, I really was close to the edge. Once we stood together seconds before exit and one of the guys put his arm around me and said, hey come on, smile a bit! I instantly felt my tears coming and was relieved that we had to jump. Another one asked me where my “boyfriend” was. And my ex told me his hippie-stories about everything makes sense in the end – which might be true, but hey, I just don’t want to hear this right now. All this didn’t make it easier, because it always reminded me that there is something I just don’t want to think too much about. And all I wanted was to switch off my brain. Hmpf.

Still, it was a good idea to good there. The good weather instead of the grey fog at home was good for body and soul. I met people I rarely meet and had good times. It felt good to see what I had learned and especially one of my freefly jumps without any briefing really made me happy. It was exactly one of these jumps, where you land and recognize in the faces of the others that they have the same warm feeling in their guts. And hey – I have one of these every time I am in Radfeld. Seems to be one of my happy places :-)

Aaaand then one of these nice switches in life happened. I received a call which will lead to a positive turn for my next weeks as it seems. I will talk about it when it’s fixed – but hey, there is a thin bright line at the horizon.

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