Sometimes it’s just not in your hands

Whenever life is good – enjoy it. Enjoy it to the fullest, seize the moment and be aware the happiness is something fragile that comes in many different ways and should be appreciated in all its details. Sometimes you get aware of the worth of a moment when it’s already too late.

Yesterday I had a talk, where a decision was made that I couldn’t influence. Sometimes you have to accept that you can’t change certain things because you would need another person willing to change too. Sometimes people just can’t, sometimes the don’t want to, sometimes it’s just life (like in the case of a disease).

The worst feeling about it is being helpless. You can do whatever you want, even if you know it would be right – it won’t change a thing or it only makes it worse. It hurts so much. Combined with the disappointment it kills you. Letting go of things you can’t change is in my opinion one of the biggest challenges of life. I think I really suck at this. Maybe I’ll take this as a chance to work on this. I’ll see.

During the next days I will be in Tyrol for skydiving. Other circumstances would be nicer, but I can’t change it and I will make the best of it. As usual, muhaha.

Anyways, it probably will be a bit quiet here for the next days. But I need that break to come down and put my thoughts back into the right order.

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