Cyber friendships?

Nowadays we all have endless opportunities to communicate, get to know new people and everyone of us realizes, that friendships change. It’s a lot easier to stay in contact over oceans, continents and years. But friendships also tend to get more superficial, since we all are constantly moving around, changing our lives and hardly stay at one place for a lifetime. We all have these guys in our contact lists, that we hardly know – maybe we met on a trip, in a bar or we share some friends. Or we sold them our old car.

But is it possible to build up real friendships, that mostly exist in cyber space? Meaning, that we don’t necessarily meet up when someone needs to talk or help or to enjoy some time together? To share lives and thoughts and intimate details with a person, that more or less exits only in posts, pictures and status updates? Or on whatsapp, but we spend endless hours writing each other?

In my opinion: yes. Simply because I experienced it. About one year ago, Mr. T started following me on Instagram. We seemed to have a lot in common, the love for food and sports, our strange kind of humor, coffee love and a certain sense of style. And we share some friends, in real life. We started chatting also on Facebook and he seemed good looking, funny and interesting to me. So around christmas we decided to meet up.

It was a really nice evening, with coffee, cocktails and hours of talking. But somehow, when we went home, it was more a feeling of, hey….. nice guy, but…. The first time after that meeting I had the feeling that he seemed to be slightly more excited about me that I was about him, but after a while, our relationship changed from a flirty one to a deep and honest friendship. We started talking about relationships, every day life, experiences we had, our dates, our problems with the dates, work, life, everything. It might sound weird, but by now, I think he is one of those who know the most about my last two years – even though he knows me only a little over 12 months? In general, I have only a few friends, that are on my side for a longer time. But he knows me at least as good as most of them, and I think, in some parts of my life even better.

The funny thing is – we rarely meet. Most of it only goes on via whatsapp, skype, fb or instagram. Isn’t that strange? For me it has a big advantage. Whenever, wherever I might feel desperate, super happy or need an advice – I have him with me. I just don’t need to wait for a beer or something to talk things trough. We just simply write a message and at least some hours later, we get an answer.

So yes. Such friendships exist. And yes, they make sense. And yes, they even work out if you never meet. Some people might say, that’s not real. But hey – when you look on many of the “friendships” you have… what is more honest? Clinging on a friendship, where everyone just wants to prove how good he or she is – or a close and deep relationship to a person, you don’t even need to meet personally? Think about it….

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