Burpee Party – Urban Training in Linz

A lot of you sports people will know the fitness app “Runtastic“. Actually it was developed close to where I live and so we are lucky that the Runtastic fitness coach Lunden (maybe you should also take a look on her blog Lifelikelunden) is also located in Linz. She started offering urban trainings in Linz, her famous and sometimes feared “Burpee Party” once a month (more or less). It takes place either at AEC or under the Autobahnbrücke in Linz and within one hour you heat up your body, you sweat and you have fun with other people pushing their limits (because hey, NO ONE likes burpees).

Yesterday was burpee party day again. Unfortunately I missed the last ones because I had to fly tandem videos, and to be honest, after some personal stuff that kept me from sleeping properly and knocked me down, I wasn’t too motivated yesterday in the morning.

But – big girls don’t cry and following the “If you’re sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead”-rule I picked my stuff and joined the group. Best idea! Weather was merciful – it was cold, but we got to see some sunshine too and there was no rain. After some warm up, we had a nice burpee part and at the end, we also had a cool circuit part in groups. Everyone was motivated and had a lot of energy, which made me also feel a lot better. AAAAnd we had some party crushers, a wedding couple who wanted to take picture at the place we were working out :D

Traditionally, most of us had a coffee in one of Linz’ best coffee locations “Die Brüher” to refuel after the workout. So there was time for a little chat too and this cheered me up, besides the fact, that sports activities are always good for my mood when I’m down.

I really hope I can join the next party too. Saturdays are always kinda difficult. I remember the days when I returned home from partying at the time we started the workout. What a change. And definitely a good one!

burpee party pic by runtastic

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