Soulfood: Quick pumpkin-chickpea-curry with cashews

It seems that I just can’t get enough of exotic food. After returning from Sri Lanka there was a short break, but then in Dresden, we also had Thai and Chinese (besides an awesome Soljanka, if you consider this as exotic ^^). And I love stews. I always loved them, it seems that there are strong Polish roots inside me ;-) My mum was always crazy about this, because she loved light quick cooking more ;-)

Today I decided to cook a quick curry, because I had pumpkin left. Chickpeas are always in my storage room and coconut milk as well. The recipe is very easy and you can extend the ingredients of course.

For me I took approximately 200 gr of pumpkin, 100 gr of chickpeas (cooked, out of the can), 150 ml coconut milk and a half hand full of cashews. Unfortunately I didn’t have any onions left, but they would have been awesome too. I cut the pumpkin and roasted it in a bit of sesame oil. After a few minutes I added some salt to let it loose the water and added the chickpeas. I added curry powder (choose the spicy grad as you like) and let it boil down with the coconut milk before I added the nuts. A little bit of salt, garlic powder and some fresh chilis (because my curry powder isn’t spicy enough for me) will give extra taste. I let it cook for a while and if it gets to sticky, just add a little bit (!) of water. That’s it folks!

It goes well with any kind of rice, naan, quinoa, even couscous isn’t too bad. But since I am reducing my carbs a bit now, I had it plain, just with a cup of fresh Sri Lankan green tea.

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