Dresden – old lady with style

The last days it was a bit quiet here, and there’s a reason behind it. Just landed at home, I packed my bags again to hit the road to Dresden, to visit Mr. H. We didn’t see each other for over a month and since he will be in Russia soon for quite a while, we took some quality time together.

I drove up via Prague (and passed the wind tunnel *sniff*), due to some bigger construction sites and a heavy traffic jam in Dresden it took me about 5,5 hours. I must admit, I somehow love traveling in CZ. It is somehow calm and relaxing to drive almost lonely over the hills and pass the cities.

He is living in the “Neustadt”, the newer part (well new is still very old ;-)) across the river Elbe. The district is characterized by its little shops, restaurants and bars just between and inside old, massive buildings. The people living there seemed to be rather young and creative and I think if you wish, you never get bored there. There is a variety of influences and cultures, I really love the atmosphere. Definitely something I miss heavily here in Linz.

Just across the river, there is Dresden as you see it on postcards. It is stunning that after the heavy fires and bombings in Feb 1945, everything was built up in the old beauty again. Dresden was part of the GDR and there was definitely no priority in building up churches and castles during this time. But during the last 20 years and despite the floods that happened twice during that time, the city and a lot of it’s lovers invested a lot of effort (and money!).

What I really found interesting was that there is GDR architecture just in the middle of the city center. I only have been to eastern Berlin and Erfurt before and there I couldn’t find such a mix, not that close. Some of the buildings even have been refurbished! In general, Dresden doesn’t seem to emphasize the whole vintage tourist GDR stuff so much as for example Berlin. It is more a graceful city with a long and exciting history, which a liked a lot more than the stressful tourist Berlin.

Since it was raining on Thursday we decided to visit the Deutsches Hygienemuseum. It is like a huge biology collection we had in school and you can experience many interactive stations. Definitely nice with kids, but we had fun too :-D And there is a very interesting exhibition about the history of AIDS, so if you’re there, you should stop by. In the evening we went to the Rundkino (a cinema built in a circle) to watch “The Martian” – a lot better than expected, but with a weird and unrealistic ending ;-)

On Friday he took me on a hop on hop off tour with a bus through the whole city. Even if this was a bit touristic, it is an easy way to discover the city and all it’s sights in decent time – and get a lot of information about the city history. You pass many of the parts that simply haven’t been there anymore after the bombings, almost impossible to imagine. I saw many documentaries about that time, but in such moments it gets real. What you definitely should try in Dresden is a cake called Eierschecke. Difficult to explain – but I am picky in cakes and this one is just too tasty.

Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to skydiving. There was a small Pink boogie near Cottbus, a 1,5h drive by car. The weather was sunny and there was not a single cloud in the skies. But – hell it was cold! Especially the strong wind made it feel like winter. But – compared to clouds and rain at home, best weather! We had some beers in the evening and suddenly one of the guys there started telling a story about how his family could get into Western Germany. To shorten it up: it was a plan that involved a whole family getting arrested and bought free by Western Germany with the help of a lawyer. What a story…

Since there was no other place to stay, we slept in a crazy old hotel with bubbly water beds that night. I have been sleeping in other water beds already, but this was incredibly uncomfortable, especially because it was only one big bed and every time one of us moved a cm, the other woke up too ;-)

Mr. H came up with the -very good- idea that I could stay until Monday so I didn’t have to drive home in the evening. So the last evening was dedicated to Chinese food, cuddling on the couch and Tatort. How bourgeois! And how perfect <3

It would have been a the perfectly relaxed trip, if my stupid car didn’t decide to turn into self destruction mode on the way home. I had it serviced at the beginning of Sept and invested a lot of money, but heeeey…. It didn’t bring enough power to drive faster than 100 km and so I had to stop by at the workshop in Linz, just to invest 160 Euros more… I’m afraid this will be the last winter my lovely french supercar and I will spend together….

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