Avani Kaluthara

I still owe you my report about the second of my won hotels. After four wonderful nights in Bentota, the staff organized a ride to Kaluthara. I would say it is the little sister of the hotel in Bentota, located wonderfully on an peninsula between the Bentota Ganga and the ocean. My travel guide told me that due to this, this hotel was completely destroyed by the tsunami two days after the opening before it was built up again.

The hotel is designed much darker than the one in Bentota and for me it seemed to be more a “normal” hotel than a resort. Everything was beautiful with a lot of details and the whole concept very open, but unfortunately they had to use plastic shields against the heavy rain during my stay. You can enjoy a lot of water sports activities in the lagoon or try one of the different a la carte restaurants of the hotel.

There is an all inclusive option which was used by many of the cheap holiday German tourists, I think this was also because it was end of the season and the management wanted to fill the hotel. Some of them were rather annoying and unfriendly to the whole staff, something I absolutely can’t stand, even more when the guys are super friendly and try to please them. And most of the “Adiletten”-fans seemed to me as if they hardly went anywhere except the buffets.

The pool itself was great. There were two beds in the water for cooled sunbathing, I loved to read there when finally the sun was shining. There were lots of people (again most of them Germans) who reserved beds in the front row at the pool, it really was like a living stereotype. You couldn’t swim in the sea, but it was beautiful to take a walk there, even though it was stormy. Between the pool and the beach there were always, and I mean always, some dealers of crappy sarongs and other stuff and they also yelled ‘good morning lovely tourists’ and other stuff when someone went to the pool. I must confess, I didn’t really like this.

There was a spa, but I didn’t try it. It looked rather dark and I didn’t really find something that could seduce me on the spa menu.

The food was very similar to Bentota, but the overall atmosphere a lot busier. I think that was also because of the many all inclusive tourists with small kids. In my opinion the sweets were even better, and I loved the egghoppers in flower shape in the morning.

So which one is the winner? I would definitely say, for me it was the Avani in Bentota. I was my oasis after the busy days and the little bit more beautiful and calm which makes it just perfect. Also, the beach was even more amazing. But this is complaining on high level. Both hotels have been a wonderful relaxing end to my journey before I went to Negombo again for my last hours in Sri Lanka :-)

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