The boring cottage cheese?

Pew, third day at home. Still feels somehow strange. But time to get back in the old lanes. And time to get rid of the signs of the holiday, that rest on the hips.

In general, I don’t think there were lots of food and drink disasters in Sri Lanka and I didn’t gain too much weight. It was just generally a bit too much for too little sport (aheeem, generally no sports). There were almost no sweets! But instead, too many drinks. Back home I think it will be sufficient to stick my daily routines and start with my sports program again.

One of my favorite foods for reducing the calories a bit while getting proteins and still get a nice meal is cottage cheese. Little in calories, neutral and during summer great – it cools you down. It is easy to transport and also cheap. But many of you might think that white stuff gets boring after a while. Really? Maybe you should try one of my favorite mixes:

  1. Veggies: all kind of veggies, cut in small pieces: tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, radish, zucchini, onions, carrots….
  2. Spices: my personal favorite is hot chili powder, pepper, a bit of salt, garlic. But also curry powder, some ready mixes or a bit of nutmeg is great. Just try it and find you personal seasonings.
  3. Fresh herbs: Nothing better than fresh parsley, coriander or chives!
  4. Fish: might sound weird at the first moment, but when you think of sardines or tuna from the can it gets tasty. And that is stuff you should have stored at home anyways.
  5. Nuts, grains, seeds: Enjoy a crusty bite with natural, not roasted ones.

You even can mix it with fruits and sweet ingredients, but I personally prefer the savory versions.

The version on the pic (which I enjoyed as light and quick lunch today) contains tuna, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, pumpkin seeds and the Just Spices Cream Cheese mix as well as pepper, salt, chili powder and garlic. Nom nom nom!

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