Galle is definitely worth a stop

Since Mirissa was so lovely I decided to visit Galle as daytrip from Bentota (and since it also was clear that only spending time at the pool would be too boring for me). Also, because it was rather rainy during my stay there, a daytrip was a nice change of routine.

I took the train, which was in that direction a good choice. A lot of seats and fresh air through the windows, so I was very relaxed when I arrived.

Galle consists of a new part and an old one, actually an old fort. Which doesn’t mean that there are only ruins like in Anuradhapura. No, there is normal life between the old walls and actually a lot of art and vintage trade in the tiny streets. Lots of good restaurants and cafes to relax, even if it’s rainy there is always something that will catch your eye. You won’t need more than a little bit more than a half day to take an extensive walk, also on the walls of the fort.

The trip home was a bit more… interesting. Since it is the train to Colombo and loads of tourists with backpacks as well as locals wanted to go there, it was completely crowded. I paid for a second class ticket and had to squeeze myself into the open door (which was left open during the whole ride). The dark smoke of the loco smelled awfully and the rain came in. On the other hand, I had pretty much fun with the Spanish guys next to me. And all this for 100 rupies!!! What a deal!

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