Radfeld video

It woudn't be autumn, if I was not in Radfeld. This year I was lucky enough to jump with super cool and very good guys and so the video is also rather cool :-D I just put the youtube link here, the vimeo link is in the video description anyways. Have fun!

Slowly getting back on track

I hate doing nothing. And especially in difficult times like these, it's hard to not think about the stuff over and over again, just to conclude that you can't change it anyways. Since I am still looking for a job (even though I have several more or less promising interviews right now), I have nothing... Continue Reading →

Cyber friendships?

Nowadays we all have endless opportunities to communicate, get to know new people and everyone of us realizes, that friendships change. It's a lot easier to stay in contact over oceans, continents and years. But friendships also tend to get more superficial, since we all are constantly moving around, changing our lives and hardly stay... Continue Reading →

Avani Kaluthara

I still owe you my report about the second of my won hotels. After four wonderful nights in Bentota, the staff organized a ride to Kaluthara. I would say it is the little sister of the hotel in Bentota, located wonderfully on an peninsula between the Bentota Ganga and the ocean. My travel guide told... Continue Reading →

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