Slowly time to say Goodbye Sri Lanka… What to miss and what not

Pew…. already three weeks, right?

Today was my last bus ride to my last stop, Negombo, where I will stay the last night before going home. Initially, I wanted to stay in a fancy hotel in Colombo, but I didn’t like that city that much, that I decided to change the plan and chill out in Negombo – where the hotel is cheaper and the airport transfer shorter.

I chose the Icebear Guesthouse. Remember, that was the place I mentioned in one of my first posts, the nice hotel with the wonderful garden to relax. And yes – it is that nice as I expected it to be. Small room, but clean and cosy and full of lovely details. Tonight I will have a good jumbo prawn dinner to celebrate the farewell from the island.

Time to think about what I will miss and what not…

What  I will miss….
– the food (a detailed post about the awesome dishes here will follow)
– the fruits: ok, also food, but in particular the lovely tiny bananas, maracujas, avocados….
– the lovely, helpful, smiling, friendly people: I really won’t trade them for the grumpy, autumn-frustrated Austrians
– the beach and the sea
– the calm buddhist way of life
– the other travelers
– the sunsets
– the variety of nature, culture and animals

What I definitely won’t miss…
– the insects. mosquitos, those strange flying thingies that carve currently around me, the grasshoppers, the spiders…
– the lovely smell of eau de no-bite
– the lukewarm, pressure-less water in the shower called “hot water” – not that I need a hot shower at 40 degrees, but I prefer washing my hair with warm water
– ah water – tab water to drink will be awesome again at home
– the traffic and included in this the bus rides
– the sticky, moisty heat and the heavy rains (yes I know it rains in Austria too, but you don’t feel like in a glasshouse)

Seems that I will miss more that there is stuff I won’t miss, right? Usually, I fall into deep depressions on my last day, but this time I have to say that after a bad day at the beginning of the week, I don’t feel like that. I feel a bit sad, but there is so much to come during the next weeks and months, exciting stuff, stuff, I really look forward to, so I think, I just should be happy that I had these great weaks and work for my other trips in the future….

2 thoughts on “Slowly time to say Goodbye Sri Lanka… What to miss and what not

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  1. Hey good see your appreciations for the lovely mother Sri Lanka! Read all your destination reports and enjoyed them all. Would like to see you come back again. Have a safe flight! Cheers!

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