Avani Bentota Resort & Spa – a pure oasis

Since the weather in Kaluthara is currently more than wet, I have enough time to write a little bit about the first of the two hotels I won via Insiderei fanpage, the Avani Bentota Resort & Spa.

I already mentioned how nice it was to arrive in a high class spa resort after the busy traveling days. The whole architecture of this hotel is very open and kept in white stone. Nice couches wait for you while you enjoy your welcome drink.

When you walk outside you come to two pools, one more for the families (since there’s a kiddy pool too) and a more tranquile one. You spot the many beds waiting under the umbrellas and palms, facing the pools and the the beach. Several restaurants and bars are serving everything you need for a good day. The breakfast and dinner for half board guests is held in the “Breeze” with a nice view to the pool and garden. You can choose between sitting outside or well air conditioned inside and if you wish you also get lunch there. I planned to enjoy the sunset on the terrace of “The loft”, the rooftop bar, but unfortunately weather was to bad and I had to enjoy my margarita inside. You can’t swim in the sea, but the beach is a beautiful place to take long walks and watch people.

My room was very spacious with a beautiful view to pool and garden. The balcony had a roof, so I could also sit there when it was raining and let my bikinis dry. The offered cosmetic products smelled awesome, herbal scents and flowers, just great. Fluffy towels waited for me and finally a huuuuuuge bed and tv.

The meals were offered as buffets and there was anything for everybody. I sticked more to the grilled and Sri Lankan specialities because first of all, I can eat pizza and pasta everywhere and at home and second, the ham and cheese as well as the bread were not really my taste, so I chose egg hoppers and dhal instead of toast and jam. The managing director visited me once while having breakfast and was pretty surprised that I had loads of spicy stuff on my plate ;-) There is also always a broad varieties of fruits, which made me truly happy.

My tired body required some special treatment, so I tried the “Renew me” massage treatment in the spa. It consisted of an ayurveda full body massage and an Indian head massage with warm oil. It lastet 100 perfect minutes and oh it was so awesome. Ok sometimes the strong massaging grips hurt a little, but it relaxed the tensions and pew, I had a lot of it.

I think, what made this place so special was the whole serene atmosphere. The personnel was super relaxed and very friendly and tried everything to please the guests with a smile, even if they were more from the difficult type like one of the Russian families. At them moment, since it is not high season, of course there are also many package travellers, but in the huge site everyone will find a place….

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