I found paradise: Tangalle and Mirissa

After the two days in the mountains I was ready for some beach action. I took the long drive down to Tangalle (again in a bus, hell what a ride, but at least with some international travellers) and arrived there in the early afternoon. The weather was a bit grey and I made my way to the lodge I have been looking up in the internet already. Bad idea. I should have trusted the travel guides (well my trust was a bit shaken after Kandy) and get into one of the guest houses a bit more far from the center. My cabana at the Coco Palm Cabanas and Villas was on the first view a nice place to stay. It was a bit dark and smelled moisty but, hey at the beach… On the next day I found out that there were huge stains on the blanket – something I definitely can’t stand. Argl. But hey at least it was cheap.

The afternoon was dedicated to doing nothing on the beach. Oh this was so good, even though the weather was grey and rainy. In the evening I stayed at Kura’s Place to have a nice seafood dinner and some drinks. Kura is a freak – but he managed it to get me back up on my feet too, because I felt a bit lonely and homesick. He cured this with a very good Arrack and nice talks. I must admit, I was a bit dizzy when I went to bed ;-) In the morning before heading to Mirissa, I had a good breakfast at the beach and then took the bus.

Mirissa is one of my most favorite places in Sri Lanka. It’s a little colorful paradise at the beach, with lots of different relaxed backpacking people from many countries, and the whole life happens close to the water. I stayed at the Central Beach Inn and bargained with the house lady for a good price. There is a restaurant and bar too and you relax on loungers directly at the shore. The room was clean and tidy and had a good air condition. And: taste the fruit juices there! They are simply amazing! Only the missing wifi was a bit difficult since I had to fix some stuff via email.

When I arrived at the beach with great weather, I instantly met some guys from Germany and we started a nice conversation. From that point on we spent pretty much time together and had great nights with drinking cocktails and playing cards. I walked on the beach and rented a body board. The sea is rather rough there, so be careful while swimming. In the evening, there is always happy hour for drinks (200 for a beer or cocktails nothing and since the guys were almost friends with the bar dudes, we never paid more than this) and for incredible and cheap seafood just go over to the next restaurants, they present the catches of the day on cooled tables right at the water and you can choose. When I had to leave after two nights (I stayed longer than planned because it was so nice and Galle would make a nice day trip from Bentota as well), I must admit, I felt a little sad.

One thing surprised me. When you land in Colombo, there are huge placards telling you that drug dealing, smuggelling or consuming is a major crime and can be penalized with the death penalty (in the worst case I guess). But in Mirissa, literally everyone was smoking weed in public and sometimes they bought it directly at the guys at the bar. I personally don’t have a problem with it, but still it was a bit weird.

Next stop: Avani Resort Bentota. And believe, clash of cultures again… ;-)

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  1. Superb stories of adventures! Read whole series. Would recommend using highway from Mathara to Kadawatha on your way back to Airport.. There are many places can be suggested if you are staying another few days.

    1. currently I am in Kaluthara because there is the second Avani resort I won to stay for free. I was already in the town and last Saturday I visited Galle. The only travel I will start is going to be to Negombo for the last night before going home. Any suggestions for an easy way to handle this?

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