Time to leave

Well today is the day. Lisal goes to Sri Lanka! After a busy day yesterday and a successful packing procedure I got up at half past five to catch my train to the Vienna airport. I was surprised that I can obviously survive with 15 kg in a backpack – everyone who was ever travelling with me knows that I am kind of a “over-packer”. It’s a bit unfair, every time I traveled in the last years I only had about 20 kgs free luggage and now, where I got 30, I only need half of it :-) On the first part of the travel I got a window seat, which I absolutely love because I can cuddle up at the wall, look outside and relax. I also feels safer when I have something to lean on.

Right now I am sitting in a cafe at the airport with a cup of green tea after strolling around a bit. I don’t like to shop right at departure, but hey, I do of course have to take a dose of those perfumes that I might take into consideration buying on my way home. It’s kind of a tradition for me to buy one when I am coming home from a nice trip. Not only to remember the good time, but also to have something to look forward to when I come home and post travel blues gets too big.

I always loved airports. Already as a kid I was fascinated by the cultural mixture of people and wondered where they come from, where they will go and for what purpose. I still try to figure out what the plans of the people passing by are by analyzing their clothes and bags and so on. I love to watch the coming and going, the hellos and goodbyes, the lovers, the families, the excited kids and the busy people working. There is this quote: Airports have seen more sincere kisses than wedding halls. Well, deep in my heart I believe in true love and marrying that one, but somehow this is true too. It’s a sad moment to kiss goodbye and a perfect feeling to finally meet the one you love again after a long time.

I also think about flying a bit. When I was a kid, flying was something super special and exciting for me. Besides the fact that today getting a plane ticket has become a lot cheaper and I flew a lot only for a few days of business trip during the last years, I now fly so many times a week. Of course, not that far and I have to leave the aircraft at 4000m ;-) But still- flying far away into a holiday like mine still is special. It’s the wanderlust and the desire to see the world and of course the uncertainty which adventures will wait as soon as you are spit out at the other end of the world.

Well, I think I’ll pass the security check now and wait for boarding. A bit more than 5 h flight and I’ll stop by in Abu Dhabi. Excited excited excited!

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