Hello September

Today it’s September 1st and this is gonna be one of my favourite months this year I guess. Why? Because I am traveling to Sri Lanka hell yeah :-) The trip starts at 9th and I must confess, I am getting a bit nervous right now. Flights are booked, some of my hotels too and I have a general plan how to design my round trip. I will start packing during the next days, since I know me – I will pack and unpack and repack and sort out stuff over and over again ;-) The last days were filled with jumping and a very nice visit, so I didn’t have time to panic too much ;-) But hey – I am a big girl and it will work out fine.

Unfortunately the weather forecast in Austria is pretty bad for the next days. Obviously it’s the last day of summer today and the temperatures will drop by 15 degrees C tomorrow. Therefore we won’t have the PD demo tour boogie on my dropzone this week and I will miss that highlight this year. But hey… sitting at a beach with a cold beer in my hand somewhere at the end of the world something to trade for, right?

I will return on Oct 2nd in the morning and be back in Linz around noon. It’s gonna be strange to return to real autumn. Maybe I will travel to Germany straight afterwards, but more on that in a few weeks. Right now I am already making some plans for next year, I love this!

The only thing that still is like a dark shadow over my head is that job search. I hope that I will figure out how it goes on soon. This would make it a lot easier for me. But hey – this year turned out to be one of the positively surprising ones (after a bumpy start in spring), so I decided to take a deep breath and let the rest come easy as my currently favorite tshirt tells me….


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