Hornets are meant to fly… 5 years a skydiver!

Today is the 5 year anniversary of my first “real” skydive, my level 1 aff jump. I remember it as it was yesterday, it was sunny everywhere around us, but above the skies of Wels, there were huge clouds. Most of my course gave up and drank beer at 5, but I was sure that I would be jumping on that day. And I did.

It was an awesome feeling standing in that door as we trained it over and over again. I was nervous during the flight and ascent and when I saw the students before me. But as soon as I stood at the edge, all of the trained movements and commands came to my mind automatically and I wasn’t scared at all. That first jump didn’t really feel like jumping, since Günther was standing like a rock in that door and held me, Struz was inside and I felt save and sound. I remember that they even let my right arm free and I could pull on my own, only held at the left side and on my right leg. Wow, that was great! And I even had time to smile and showed thumbs up to Struz.

When my canopy deployed I screamed and laughed and felt like the biggest hero of the world. I was a bit unsure the days before if this really was the right sport for me, but at that point, there was no doubt. I landed and wanted to go back immediately (which wasn’t possible and I had to wait until the next morning).

Now, 1250 jumps later and teacher by myself, I still feel that feeling after a great jump with a student or fellow skydiving colleague, which just works out perfectly. It doesn’t always have to be a super briefed jump, sometimes just flying together in the perfect flow is even better. Of course there are many jumps that are average or just not so super great. But as long as I feel that rush and happiness and see the goosebumps rising when I land, I will go on. Cause hornets are meant to fly!

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