Summer in Klatovy

There are a few places in this world I really really love and one of them is a small airport in Klatovy (CZ). It is more or less a huge skydiving playground built by skydivers who wanted to found a place, where everyone can have fun. It is the “headquarter” of the famous Pink Skyvan and every year in August, it is a happy place for hanging around, jumping, BBQ, beer and some great events. The whole month is dedicated to skydiving and that is one of the reasons, why we always start a trip to that happy place.

We usually are up there when the Pink Canopy Open takes place. It is a well known event in which competitors from many countries participate. It is awesome to watch the guys (and girls) and when you’ve had enough, you can go jumping. You’ll always find someone to jump from one of the skyvans. After finishing training and competition guys like the Redbull Skydiveteam start load organizing and you can enjoy some very high quality jumps and more or less coaching without extra paying. This year we could also watch the new Polish RW records and a German bigway. Ever heard 100 canopies deploying? ;-) And, have you ever jumped from an old Antonov?  Did I mention that I love Klatovy?

It was incredibly hot, even during the nights, which is truly rare in this area. We camp there, but this year I switched to a hotel in town, since someone special arrived on Wednesday and we wanted to have some private time too (and a roof over our heads with a shower). I even more appreciated this when a huge thunderstorm arrived during Friday night. So finally we also had a day with lower (aaahm, ok 29 degrees C) temperatures and more motivation to jump.

Sunday was a very rainy day and I only did a hop’n’pop from a small Cessna 182. The weather was perfectly suiting for saying goodbye…. Yes, grateful for the times we had, but sad about leaving, right?

Now I’m at home and working on detailing my Sri Lanka trip. Just ordered a backpack and I think I will book some of the guest houses for the first days. Isn’t life really good?

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