Shame on me but happy girl

Shame on me! Long time no hear right? Well…. You’re absolutely right. But the last two weeks were so incredibly busy, I really had to set my priorities in order to manage all the stuff that had to be done right before the bestest event of the year: the German Freefly Festival, aka DFFF in Saarlouis.

This is a boogie in western Germany, very close to the French border, at the Fallschirmsprungzentrum Saar. The head organizer strictly limits the slots and the who is who in German freeflying is load organizing. The vibe there is absolutely relaxed, you have awesome and safe jumps and meet up with old and new friends. The learnings I get there are always huge and after such days I am fully motivated and filled with new energy. This year, I realized that I don’t suck at flying, at least not as much as I always thought :-D

You can camp there since they have a good infrastructure or you can -as I did- share a room in a close hotel. Super nice when you walk down to breakfast and can have a look on the dropzone already ;-)

In total, I did 25 high quality jumps. Not bad for four days of jumping, one day with a weather hold and one day where we could start later due to military, right? Not to forget the fact, that we always cuddled up in bed rather late.

On Sunday afternoon we started into the after boogie chillout with some beers pretty early (well the others earlier than me :D) and had dinner with the dropzone staff and some load orgas. Since we stayed until Monday morning we didn’t have to rush home and could enjoy the nice evening with all the nice people. When we fell into our bed, we might have been a bit tipsy, but I’d say, that was a nice ending to a great boogie…..

The over 700 km of driving back home were hell. The post boogie depression killed me and especially the last two hours felt like days… Now I have to find my way back to reality, which really….. sucks.

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