DFFF Video online

Finally, due to heavy travel and tandem activities, I made the DFF video. I think I got the vibe pretty good again, at least that's what the people said ;-) Enjoy, a vimeo link can be found in the description, if you prefer watching it there (or have to due to country restrictions): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBbFkPzThyE

Hornets are meant to fly… 5 years a skydiver!

Today is the 5 year anniversary of my first "real" skydive, my level 1 aff jump. I remember it as it was yesterday, it was sunny everywhere around us, but above the skies of Wels, there were huge clouds. Most of my course gave up and drank beer at 5, but I was sure that... Continue Reading →

Summer in Klatovy

There are a few places in this world I really really love and one of them is a small airport in Klatovy (CZ). It is more or less a huge skydiving playground built by skydivers who wanted to found a place, where everyone can have fun. It is the "headquarter" of the famous Pink Skyvan... Continue Reading →

Shame on me but happy girl

Shame on me! Long time no hear right? Well.... You're absolutely right. But the last two weeks were so incredibly busy, I really had to set my priorities in order to manage all the stuff that had to be done right before the bestest event of the year: the German Freefly Festival, aka DFFF in... Continue Reading →

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