Heat Heat Heat

Pew, I was a bit lazy the last days, right?

There’s probably one reason for it. The incredible summer heat we are suffering from in Austria currently. We have about 40 degrees C every day. It doesn’t cool down during the nights and the promised thunderstorms never arrived, at least not in my place. Every movement makes you sweat like a whole workout and most of the time, everyone tries to move as little as possible or only in rooms with AC.

Which doesn’t mean that I didn’t go jumping. After the great weekend in Niederöblarn I had to be serious again (ok only a little) and take care of some students and tandems. Believe me, sitting in the Caravan while waiting for take off in a complete jumpsuit with a camera helmet is no fun at all. Still, we squeezed in some fun jumps where I enjoyed my summer suit. The rest of the days were filled with grandma’s 87th birthday dinner in a nice garden on the countryside, some visits at friends and the one or another little beer in the shadow.

What doesn’t really help is the fact that I am trying the Teatox 14 days treatment, where I have to drink tea at least twice a day and should avoid salt, milk products and of course alcohol like a cold beer. Actually I am craving for yogurt, salty tomatoes and a frozen caffe latte in summer when it’s hot. So I  keep it at a minimum level and reduce it drastically. Beer is not a big deal, since I usually drink only one after a good jump day. But I must admit, it makes sense, because even though I don’t stick strictly to all the advices, I feel a lot better now (and you also see some results while being naked harr harr – which was not my initial goal but is a nice side effect).

Here are some of my basic advices for heat in the city:

  • open windows only in the morning and keep them closed until the late evening in order to keep your flat at least a bit cooler
  • drink a lot: cooled tea (I love home made ice tea, sugar free of course), water, juices with water; carry a water bottle wherever you go, so you never run out of water
  • take a lukewarm shower as often as you like: if you take cold showers, you will start sweating right afterwards
  • find out where the shadow lasts longest for parking your car and please take kiddies and animals with you – an open window isn’t enough!
  • wear baggy, thin clothes made of cotton or light dresses – it will make you feel better even after a long day
  • use peppermint spray or oil to refresh tired, swollen legs in the office
  • don’t over-use your AC if you have one (or in the car), otherwise you’ll never adapt to the heat
  • eat light and cooling meals (especially during the day): like citrus fruits, cucumber, water melon, salads with light vinaigrettes, tomatoes and so on
  • sports: only in the early morning or late evening; skip the workouts if you feel week or tired, it’s okay during that few days of extreme heat
  • take a cool swim as often as you can :-)

Sooooo… I love summer. Really, and in Austria we have to be happy if we really have it. But to be honest, enough is enough and I am happy that there will be thunderstorms to cool down the country during the weekend. But before that, I will enjoy one more sweaty circuit training and a tandem day…. Fingers crossed I will survive ;-)

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