Self-fulfilling prophecy?

Two days ago I read an interesting article about decision-taking, finding your ways and generally how to face the challenges of your life.

They mentioned this word. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Which actually means that how you face things, this will be the way they turn out to be. After reading the article I started thinking about this. Is this really true? Is it as simple as this, like, you know, smile and the world will smile back?

One thing is for sure: How act, feel and face others will definitely influence your daily life. Just try it, go to a supermarket during rush hour and smile at the cashier. Be nice, say thanks and wish her a nice evening. You will see, it will light up a little smile on her face. Or tell someone you don’t know an honest compliment. It may feel strange, and some people will react irritated. But others will feel good about it. And that will make you feel good too.

But self-fulfilling prophecies? Meaning, as long as you believe in something it will work out? I’m not so sure. Right now I’m looking for a new job and must say, I can believe whatever I want, but if the human resource guy in front of me doesn’t want me, I won’t get the job. So in my opinion, blindly believing can also be frustrating.

On the other hand, being negative doesn’t help either. I had tough times and was depressed and hated people who told me, that everything is gonna be alright and I just have to be a little bit more positive. Even though I knew that they probably would be right, I just thought, aaah, shut up.

The funny thing is: as soon as I started to give a damn about all the negative stuff in my life and looked more closely on the positive aspects of everything, things went better. I started to accept that I can’t influence everything (which is veeery difficult for me) and that I have to accept things. That there always be haters, people who get me wrong or simply don’t like me. That I can give my best and contribute as much as possible and with a little trust and relaxed mood it will be good in the end.

Still, it’s hard sometimes. But take the last weekend: Some weeks ago, I was grumpy, because I could leave Linz only in the afternoon, so I’d miss a whole day. I didn’t have a room for the last night. I was stressed, tired and exhausted. But then I decided to calm down and believe that everything will be all right. I started smiling and looking forward to it. And hey, what happened? I had awesome jumps, met a lot of super nice new people who accepted me with my strengths and weaknesses and taught me a lot of new things. We had a good time and I could relax and charge my batteries. Maybe I even discovered new ways for my job life.

So yes, somehow there are these self-fulfilling prophecies. Not blindly sticking to your very own perceptions of life, but being positive and trustful. Try it! Believe me, even when life sucks, this will make it easier. It’s as simple as this. You can only win, right? A smile and a positive thought doesn’t cost a thing and it’s worth trying.

And yes, you are allowed to remind me of these lines, when I start being grumpy and frustrated again ;-)

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