Lisal’s quick breakfast mess

After the last days on a Schnitzel, fries and beer diet it’s time to eat more fresh stuff and fruits and veggies. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes fried, crusty and fat is awesome, but the more I enjoy my healthy meals afterwards.

Yesterday I prepared myself my -as I call it- breakfast mess. This is a mix of chia seeds, oats, yogurt and fruits. You can add whatever you like and it’s also easy to take away.

I often tried other chia seed pudding recipes, but I must confess, I don’t like the milky versions of it. A friend of mine told me she always mixes the seeds with yogurt overnight – what a nice idea!

So there we go. Depending on how hungry you are in the morning and how sticky you like it, I mix two soup spoons of chia seeds with one spoon of oats and about 180 gr of plain fat free yogurt. I season this mix with “Sweet love” from Just Spices, but sometimes I just love it plain. You can also mix some homemade jam or honey into it. I top it with fruits – whatever is available and what I like. Nuts, dried fruits, take what you want. I always use nice glasses, it makes my morning a little brighter :-) Let it rest in the fridge over night. I personally love something crusty on top of it, so I choose some full grain cornflakes or popped wheat before eating.

Try it and find your own favorite version of it. You got secret tips? Tell me, I’m curious!

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