Radikale Boogie in Niederöblarn – Kissing the Grimming!

After the last busy weeks filled with students, tandem videos and other work it was time to charge the batteries and enjoy some days off.

For the third time a bunch of crazy skydivers forming the “Freie Radikale” team in Germany organized a boogie on one of the most beautiful airports we have in Austria. I was in Niederöblarn already several times with my skydiving club, when we took our plane to have a nice weekend there. But it got more and more difficult to organize it and so the only chance to jump there is with se Germans, because there is no regular jumping. Niederöblarn is a small village close to Liezen in a broad valley with the mountain Grimming so close you almost want to touch it in freefall.

I arrived on Thursday evening due to some appointments in the afternoon and luckily I didn’t miss too much since it was a stormy day. We enjoyed typical Austrian food and some drinks in best company. It was so nice to see them all again! And I must confess, this first night was super necessary to finally get enough sleep.

Completely refreshed I started into the first day of jumping and made 7 awesome jumps, every single one of them a pure pleasure. I jumped with old and new friends, which is exactly what makes a boogie great. Unfortunately we had some wind difficulties and so I couldn’t keep that level on Saturday and Sunday. But still, in total I went up and down 15 times. Some of us went mountain swooping down the Grimming, I just enjoyed the view while freefall (actually there was one jump where I got a little bit scared because it seemed so close). I could work on my headdown skills in twoways but also went in bigger groups. Saturday night we had to start drinking up all the beers our fellow jump colleagues collected crossing the beerline (about 20 boxes of beers). Nice talks, fun and a small bonfire. Awesome!

We even discovered a nice bed and breakfast we didn’t know before, because we couldn’t keep our rooms for the last night. Lovely view down to the airport and up to the Grimming, nice breakfast and super cheap. Just one of many nice surprises of this weekend :-) The only bad thing is: there comes this minute when you have to say goodbye and the post boogie blues kicks in. Okay, grateful for the times we had, but hey…. life is so… normal at home :-(

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