Review: Skinfit Bike Shorts

Some time ago I told you I was completely stoked about my new Skinfit shorts. Well let’s get a bit more into detail….

I usually preferred bike shorts with rather thick pillows, since I thought these would be nicer when riding a long time. While riding together with a friend some weeks ago we discussed this topic and he said he preferred thinner pillows since they won’t be compressed so much and stay softer. This sounded somehow logic for me. I was looking for a new pair of shorts anyways and so I decided I might buy one with a thinner pillow the next time.

Some days later there was an outlet sale from Skinfit, where they wanted to get rid of some second choice stuff and leftovers from former seasons. Skinfit is an Austrian sports clothing brand with a strong focus on multi-purpose equipment. The origin lies in equipping triathlon athletes, but they offer a broad range of various stuff now. I was really, really lucky, because in my midget size there was still a lot of cool shirts I needed anyways (well “need” is always a matter of interpretation ^^) and even a bike short. Ok it was white, but for 25 Euros instead of 120 I thought I might give it a try ;-)

When I slipped into it my first thought was: uuuhm…. thight. And on the first sight the material seems to be thick too. But once on the bike, I was surprised how well it fits. The material is like a second skin and not hot at all. You can move absolutely freely in all directions and the shorts won’t move a mm. When starting the ride, I was sceptic if the pillow still felt comfortable after 30 min, but really, this gel pillow was the most comfortable thing my butt experienced on a bike – ever. It stays soft, it doesn’t move and sweat is transported away from your skin in an instance. The upper surface of the pillow is really soft and cosy (which is absolutely important in this …. area of your body). So yes, yes, yes an absolute recommendation.

They have a nice webshop and several shops, find the one closest to you on their website.

Skinfit WebsiteBike Shorts 

And yes, my mirror was dirty :-D

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