Planning while tanning – Sri Lanka comes closer!

Last year in autumn I won seven days in two four star resorts close to Colombo in Sri Lanka via a Facebook page called Insiderei. Since this destination was on my list anyways, I was super happy about that prize. Unfortunately I had no chance to use it earlier, some months were blocked, others where too busy in my last job.

Even though my job future is still not clear, I decided to ignore this and plan the trip around the last three weeks of September. I don’t have an exact route yet, but due to weather reasons and what I prefer to see (noooo, I don’t want to visit disgusting leeches somewhere in the jungle) the general plan will be the following: I will start in Colombo and visit the city. I definitely will travel to Kandy and then head towards the east coast. Maybe I will try surfing at Aguram Bay, I want to visit an elephant orphanage and take part in a safari. On the way if possible I will enjoy some days in the nature and also visit cultural sights. In Kalutara, maybe I will get the chance to go sailing or snorkeling, I’ll see.

I am super excited, since I haven’t been on a longer travel for ages. Actually never before on such a trip so I think it’s time. Since I don’t have anyone to join me, I will go on my own. I must admit, I would really love to have a companion on a trip like this, but on the other hand, I think this will be even more intense alone. Traveling alone is something you have to get used to but it definitely has it’s advantages: you really can do whatever you want, you will meet new people easier and never have the problem of an argument with you travel partner ;-)

And in the next days the first step will be: getting all the vaccinations I need :-(

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