Niederöblarn Video

I love editing videos after boogies. First of all - nobody watches all the skydiving videos of the jumps if they aren't cut. And the second reason is, that I always enjoy the memories and the feelings that come up while sorting the files, cutting and editing a little aftermovie. The best compliment from others... Continue Reading →

Heat Heat Heat

Pew, I was a bit lazy the last days, right? There's probably one reason for it. The incredible summer heat we are suffering from in Austria currently. We have about 40 degrees C every day. It doesn't cool down during the nights and the promised thunderstorms never arrived, at least not in my place. Every... Continue Reading →

Self-fulfilling prophecy?

Two days ago I read an interesting article about decision-taking, finding your ways and generally how to face the challenges of your life. They mentioned this word. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Which actually means that how you face things, this will be the way they turn out to be. After reading the article I started thinking about... Continue Reading →

Lisal’s quick breakfast mess

After the last days on a Schnitzel, fries and beer diet it's time to eat more fresh stuff and fruits and veggies. Don't get me wrong, sometimes fried, crusty and fat is awesome, but the more I enjoy my healthy meals afterwards. Yesterday I prepared myself my -as I call it- breakfast mess. This is... Continue Reading →

Review: Skinfit Bike Shorts

Some time ago I told you I was completely stoked about my new Skinfit shorts. Well let's get a bit more into detail.... I usually preferred bike shorts with rather thick pillows, since I thought these would be nicer when riding a long time. While riding together with a friend some weeks ago we discussed... Continue Reading →

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