Spice up your life – Just Spices helps you!

Spices and herbs can change food from a normal meal to a real foodgasm. And used right, they can influence your health too (physically, and yes, psychologically too, just think of a hot chocolate after a stupid day in winter with some vanilla or coconut). I always try to bring some spices from my travels or ask friends to do so if they go abroad. There are some special shops and brands in Austria that offer high quality spices and mixes, so I am really lucky to get them easily.

But since I am a person that loves personal shops with that extra touch of love, I was excited to meet the guys of Just Spices on one of my trade shows some years ago. We had a nice talk and they gave me a little bag with a great spice mix for trying. During the next two years I tried to convince my last company that we needed Christmas presents from them for all the workers. But as often, it never went through. I really felt sorry because I truly wanted it and also because I had so many nice telephone calls with them.

The more I was surprised when I found them on Instagram. I love their account because of the many recipe ideas and the whole style of it. Two weeks ago I stopped by on their website and couldn’t resist to order some cans with mixes. Yesterday the package finally arrived, and I can tell you one thing: I am in love. They put stickers on the box with funny sayings and in the box there was an envelope with two recipe post cards and a personal greeting. That is that personal touch, that makes awesome products even better (at least for me ^^). The design of the spice cans is kept simple, but you know me, I love nice names and bright colors – which is exactly what their design looks like. The prices vary, but for the amount you get, the price-performance-ratio is totally ok.

I tried the oatmeal spice today and must say: nomnomnom! The deep smell of cocoa and coconut is great in the morning, when you are still a little bit tired and tastes great on oats. I am really looking forward to the others and I am sure that I will order more (maybe I should clean up my spice drawer first and remove the old boring stuff I have in there). I love that you can use one mix for many different meals and give them an exciting taste. And for not so talented cooks: they have a whatsapp recipe service too! They offer boxes with different mixes (great as a present), vouchers and accessories for cooking. If you want to spoil your employees, order an individualized spice set.

You should really, really, really stop by and get new ideas, I have to admit that I never thought of seasoning my plain morning yoghurt, by hey, actually why not?

Their website can be found here. Follow them on instagram, it’s worth it (and mouthwatering :D)

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