Simple powerfood salad with chickpeas

During summer, we all need food easy to transport and take with us when we’re out for our activities. This power salad combines a lot of high quality foods into a refreshing meal. And it’s great to recycle leftover veggies, I personally hate it to throw away food.

The base of it are cooked chickpeas. A lot of protein that will satiate you for a long time. I use organic cooked chickpeas from the can and rinse them carefully with water to remove the slimy stuff.

Another important ingredients for me are cucumber and tomato, because it will make it fresh and juicy. Everything else is up to you. This time I used a bit tuna from the can, soy beans and cashew nuts. A bit of oil and lemon juice, salt and hot chili powder, fresh coriander. That’s it.

I made this salad with other ingredients too: feta cheese, grilled chicken, peanuts and grains, fresh sprouts, avocado, cooked eggs, peppers, quinoa. Whatever you like, take it. I also vary with the seasoning, have you ever tried chickpeas with curry? Awesome mix. Be creative!

Some bread tastes good with it, especially to dip it into the vinaigrette after finishing. If you make it oriental style, try naan bread. The salad also makes a nice filling for wraps or pitas, and kiddies love it too. Have fun!

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