My personal top 5 early morning sports motivation tips

We all have our preferred times for sports. Sometimes, for example when you take part in lessons or need daylight, we simply don’t have a choice. And in my opinion, if possible, work out when you are feeling best.

But then there are days when it’s hot in the city and a run after a 10h day at the office on burning concrete isn’t a good choice. Or you know that you have endless meetings and an evening event and you won’t have time later. Then morning sports are the only possibility to not miss your sports sessions. I personally simply love an early morning run in the sunrise, when the city is quiet and I have the possibility to think about the upcoming tasks. I love the smell of endless possibilities in the morning ;) I’m really no morning person, any kind of conversation before the first cup of coffee is terrible for me. But while running, I don’t have to. And it is a way to get a little bit of sport on a business trip.

Everyone of us knows how good turning around once again and relaxing a bit longer in bed feels. But believe me: it’s worth it to get your ass moving! You will be energized, ready and fresh for the day (and absolutely not tired) and the best thing is: no bad conscience in the evening when you’re chilling on the couch or having a glass of wine with an old friend!

Note: all the tips are for amateur athletes. Pro athletes will have individualized, very focused training schedules that won’t fit anyways.

Find your personal morning activity

Besides physical conditions (a 30 km run before breakfast is definitely not the healthiest choice), there are also individual preferences. I loved inline skating some years ago. So I though it might be a good idea to start the day at 6 am with it. Oh no. My balance stayed in bed and I felt like doing it for the first time ;) For me, my ideal morning training is running. My brain has time to slowly wake up and my legs are doing the most work. So whatever it is – yoga, an easy workout in the gym or power walking- find your individual wake up sport and training duration.

Prepare your equipment

This is a recommendation you will read in all the articles about early morning activities. Why? Because it simply is true. Place your stuff next to your bed, so you won’t have to start looking for it when you get up. Prepare your sports bag with all the stuff you need in the gym and afterwards. This will save you time and motivation.

Feel good motivation

Well your cosy bed will always be the winner. But humans are easy to handle. I always wear my favorite socks, tops and shorts in bright colors. My ipod waits for me with the perfect morning playlist (which is completely different to the other music I usually listen to while working out) in its lovely pink sleeve. I even choose cosy (and probably totally unsexy) undies with funny smileys or in neon colors. When I look in the mirror next to my door before leaving then (even if my eyes are still half asleep) I smile for a second which also makes me feel better (which is btw a nice tip for any time during the day!).

Reward yourself afterwards

Your beloved citrus shower gel and body lotion, a bowl of overnight oats with nice fruit decoration in the fridge or a hot cup of coffee will definitely will keep you moving even when you don’t want to anymore. Find your personal bonus. Ah yes, btw, when your partner still is in bed when you return, why not waking him or her up with nothing but your nice smelling body after the shower? ;-)

Don’t loose sight

Yes, the first three or four times will be a pain in the ass. There will be mornings when you simply don’t make it, believe me, and it’s not a shame. But don’t loose motivation. Keep on trying. In 70% of the cases you will find your way to include sports into your morning routine and feel a lot better. If you discover out that you are just not a morning person at all, then find other times to squeeze in sports sessions. And the most important thing is (always!): If people are calling you crazy – who cares. What counts is how you feel!

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