Eggplant mini pizzas (low carb)

I just got the information that I won tickets for the first street food festival in Linz :-) And how? By simply entering one of my favorite mini-recipes: my eggplant mini pizzas.

In the evening I often crave for something savory, especially after my workout or running. Cottage cheese is nice, but after a while even that gets boring. Raw veggies with hummus or an omelette is something to much work for my stomach before bed. I try to avoid carbs in the evening as well, so it is not always easy to be creative. Some time ago, I stumbled over a similar recipe with potatoes and just adapted it a bit. I will work with zucchini too.

Take as much eggplant as you need and cut it into approx. 1 cm slices. Put them on a baking tray on a sheet of baking paper, so you won’t need oil and let it bake for 10 min. as hot as possible (you don’t need to pre-heat the oven). Then simply take them out and put everything on it you usually like on a pizza. The first layer should be tomato sauce, in order to make it juicy (if it really needs to be fast then use then sauce from the can). On the picture I used onions, ham and cheese. Season with salt, pepper and herbs and put it back in the oven. Now let it bake with a lot of top heat, so the cheese gets a nice crust. That’s it!

You can make them vegan if you use vegan cheese. Kiddies love it because they can help in cooking and make their very own pizza, I love it, because most of the cooking is done while I’m under the shower. And they make a great snack, appetizer or picnic food (also delicous when cold). Keep it short and simple! :-)

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