The Brickmakers Vienna

A friend of mine from Germany was on a business trip in Vienna and since I had to transfer some stuff from our old flat to my brother’s apartment anyways, we decided to meet up to have dinner. I asked my brother where to go, since I didn’t get a table at Neni. His absolute recommendation, also taking into consideration that I have a hungry man with me, was “The Brickmakers”.

It’s a great brewery style restaurant and bar where you can get pulled pork, ribs, vegetarian bbq, brisket and a lot of other great smoked stuff, all of it only from highest quality. During the day it’s a cafe. We couldn’t decide, so we just took a two person platter with mac n cheese and a corn on the cob as side dishes. It was super delicious and my first time trying pulled pork. I have to admit, that’s the way I like pork, oh yeah. The meat was soft and juicy, the mac n cheese creamy and the corn on the cob just perfectly cooked. And uuh, I again realized that corn on the cob isn’t something you can eat elegantly ;-)

If you’re thirsty, it’s a hard decision whether to take a “normal” brand beer or drink like the well known Austrian G’spritztn, one of the craft beers, an organic cider, a cocktail or some non-alcoholic drinks. We took the Arlet Cider and it was definetly a good choice. Not too sweet, not too sour, just as it should be.

Alex insisted on having dessert and ordered a cinnamon roll. It was hot from the oven with some walnuts and I was a bit disappointed, but ok, I am spoiled by the cinnamon roll perfection of my favorite coffeeshop’s (Die Brüher). For my personal taste, the cinnamon cream was a bit dry and the roll could have been a bit softer. I completely forgot to take a pic, because I had to be fast to get a piece before Alex just had all of it.

Over all definitely a recommendation and worth a visit. You should book a table, otherwise I think it’s difficult to find a seat during the rush hours. You find all necessary info on

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