Thursday morning cycling

The best thing in being on job search is having the time for all the stuff you love to do. For me that means also a lot of sports activities, that usually only happen in the evening, tired from work with a full head.

Even though my grass allergy currently kicks in like hell and I have some difficulties in breathing freely, I enjoyed a nice cycling tour along the Danube yesterday morning. I am really blessed to just step out of my door and stand more or less directly at the bike path that leads down to Vienna. I don’t have to cross roads or suffer from heavy traffic, which is great when you are riding a road bike with these useful, but on the same hand tricky click pedals ;-)

I went down to Plesching, passed Steyregger Brücke, crossed the danube at Abwinden and finished at Asten. Since it started to get rather hot, I decided to go back after one hour, so in total it was a comfortable 2 hours tour. Right now I am just looking up nice tours in the internet or discover the paths on the road, but I am reaaaally looking forward to my birthday in 10 days, when grandma sponsors a fancy Garmin Edge. No more getting lost on rocky streets :-) I didn’t buy it yet since I started that sport only last year and wanted to try out if it’s really the right thing for me.

One of the reason for me to get on the road yesterday were also my new bike pants from Skinfit. I will write a detailed review about it soon, but one thing is for sure: these are the most superduper awesome pants I’ve every placed my butt in. Really, I was skeptical, but now I am totally conviced. Also, there will be an article about what music I am listening to during sports soon. Stay tuned!

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